Green Spaces

The important green spaces that penetrate towards the Market Place provide a sharp transition from rural to built form. They mark a transition from the rural landscape setting directly to the historic core and conservation area and create the sense of uniqueness of Market Bosworth. These areas should not be adversely affected by any new development.

These designated areas include:

The area known locally as Silk Hill as shown on the Proposals Map and Local Green Spaces Map. Part of this area is believed to be ancient earthworks with a spring that has been channelled into a drinking point for livestock paved with Carlton Stone (age unknown). Possible pre-medieval land use, clearly unploughed and presumably used as grazing land since that time. The site is also of great community value as the traditional place for sledging following snowfall. The site is in very good condition and accessible to the public being crossed and bounded by public rights of way. It was identified at community engagement events and through questionnaire responses as being of value to the community for walking, running, cycling, dog walking, bird watching, sledging and general relaxation within a tranquil setting.

Enclosed land either side of Sutton Lane between the two gates across the lane (at the entrance to the settlement area and adjacent to Big River fishing pond) known locally as ‘the gated road’. The wide grass verges have for many years had grazing cattle but are valued as an important green refuge on either side of the road, used for walking, running, cycling, horse riding, dog walking, bird watching, natural history and general relaxation in a tranquil setting.

The community and visitors value the many excellent views and vistas readily accessed from the historic core of Market Bosworth. The views and vistas shown on the Views, Vistas and Landscape Map below are safeguarded so that developments do not detract from the quality of the view or vista. Views towards the town give a distinct sense of place to the original settlement, whilst the panoramic vista from certain vantage points serves to locate the town as the centre of a rural parish demonstrating the diverse uses of the countryside, neighbouring villages and hamlets as well as distinct landmarks.

Green Spaces