Community Feedback

The distinctive character described above is unique in Leicestershire and rare in the Midlands. The desire to both protect and where possible, enhance the distinctive character of Market Bosworth has been evident throughout all community engagement exercises and events. Comments relate to both physical form and the role of the town as a Key Rural Centre in relation to its immediate environment and wider setting. The features rated as special by at least 80% of respondents are listed below in order:

  1. Country Park
  2. Separation from surrounding villages by fields, countryside
  3. Conservation Area and its listed buildings
  4. Trees (lining roads, gardens, spinneys)
  5. Important Views and Vistas
  6. Market Bosworth as a Key Rural Centre
  7. Canal and railway heritage
  8. Open/green space inside the settlement area
  9. Working farms surrounding settlement area
  10. Deep inlets of countryside reaching close to the centre