Allocated Site

This Section of the Plan identifies the local requirements for the site allocated in Policy BD2. The following information is provided for the site:

  1. A Site Allocation plan, identifying the overall extent of the land allocated for development. This plan includes all of the land allocated, including open space and landscape buffers as well as built development.
  2. An explanation of the ‘Key Considerations’ affecting the site. These typically include issues such as the landscape within the site, views to the site and potential connections to the surrounding area, and have been considered in setting out the policy requirements for the site.
  3. A plan showing the policy requirements for the allocated site. This plan defines the extent of built development and open space. It provides indicative locations for pedestrian and cycle links, vehicular access and building frontages.
  4. Policy requirements, in relation to dwellings allocated on the site, landscape treatments, pedestrian, cycle and vehicular access. The policy requirements include specific issues such as building height and the type of open space that must be provided.

The site location can be seen in the following map.

Allocated Site Location Map

Key Considerations
The site located to the south of Station Road is adjacent to the open countryside to the south-west of Market Bosworth. The Nuneaton to Burton Road (A444) provides attractive long distance views of St Peter’s Church Spire and the wooded hillside from south of Sibson. Views of the site from Wellsborough to the west are obscured by mature trees along the rail and canal corridor.

Landscape features which historically determined the development of the character areas are extremely sensitive to the community (see Character and Landscape feedback), so visual sensitivity is a key consideration. This is particularly the case for development that is visible from the A444 (long view from the south west). However, visual sensitivity does not mean that development should not take place. The identified site is situated in a location that will not impact significantly on the views identified above. The existing industrial estate is well screened from these approaches and the natural landscape for the proposed mixed development would similarly screen this approach. Large, open fields form the site boundary to the south with limited landscape due to the dense tree planted areas within the Coton Priory Estate. The land to the north east and east is characterised by open fields, a spinney and the perimeter boundaries of previous developments. The development site is set back and largely hidden from view on the approach road with little opportunity to provide a frontage onto Station Road. The site must relate to the landscape and provide a buffer or phased transition to the character of the surrounding areas, every opportunity taken to minimise visual impact from designated views and vistas and adjacent residential developments.

There is a bus service on Station Road, and it is important that convenient pedestrian access is provided to bus stops. Pedestrian and cycle links to the town centre are currently constrained by narrow pavements, so new development must improve links to reduce reliance on private cars. There is an opportunity to provide safe pedestrian and cycle links to existing residential areas and the rail and canal corridor through this area of land.

Views of and around the site can be seen below.

Allocated Site Views