Building and Development Objectives

At the time of publication of the Plan there were 958 dwellings in the parish of Market Bosworth. Of these, 932 are located in Market Bosworth, a few located in Far Coton and the remainder are spread around the parish as farmsteads. Market Bosworth has a small industrial estate with a number of workshop units and a high tech engineering company has premises adjoining the industrial estate. Some small scale rural employment opportunities have arisen as farm buildings have been diversified into different uses.

As a Key Rural Centre, growth in Market Bosworth and all the surrounding areas it serves impacts upon the capacity of services such as schools, doctors, dentists and retail provision. The community recognises that housing development can bring wider benefits that support sustainable, mixed and inclusive communities and a well-balanced population which is vital to the on-going viability of local services and prosperity of the area in light of the community’s increasingly ageing population.

The Hinckley and Bosworth Local Plan set a target for a minimum of 100 new dwellings to be built in Market Bosworth up to 2026. Evidence from the Housing Needs Survey (March 2013) indicates demand for a range of property sizes and types to meet the needs of the existing community as well as those who may wish to move here. Affordability remains a key housing issue for Market Bosworth. The data below published in May 2014 shows average house prices for local, regional and national areas. It illustrates the problem of affordability for younger members of the community wanting to purchase a property in the parish:

· Market Bosworth: £297,436
· East Midlands: £164,222
· England: £242,542

The independent Rural Housing Survey report 2013 identified a requirement to provide a range of affordable housing.

The community was also concerned that the supply of new homes in the parish must be realised in accordance with the distinctive features, scale and character of the local area (see Character Area D: Suburban Residential). New developments shall reflect these principles and must be consistent with the Neighbourhood Plan taken as a whole.

Early consultations and representation from land owners and developers identified two potential areas for development. One site to the north of Station Road providing opportunities for housing and a play space. The other site to the south of Station Road providing opportunities to expand the industrial estate and employment opportunities, housing opportunities and community infrastructure. Early indicators at consultation events showed a marked preference for mixed development. The final questionnaire further supported this preference with 64% of responses showing a preference for the mixed development on land south of Station Road.

This Plan identifies an area for mixed use development on land south of Station Road. The land identified has the consent of landowners as well as the consultation evidence base.

The following plans, documents and strategies support policies BD 1 – BD2:

  1. Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Core Strategy Policy 15 (2009)
  2. Leicestershire Rural Housing Enabler: An investigation into the housing needs of the Parish of Market Bosworth (2013)
  3. Employment Land and Premises Review (2013)