The Neighbourhood Plan Vision

Our Neighbourhood Plan provides policies which show decision makers, planners and developers how to deliver our vision of a vibrant, well balanced community that continues to be a great place to live, be educated, work and visit. The Plan maintains Market Bosworth’s historic character as a small town with a regular market, attractive conservation area a variety of open spaces, and which acts as a centre for surrounding farms and villages.

The Neighbourhood Plan Aims

The following overarching aims evolved naturally from the evidence base to guide proposed actions needed for local sustainable development. It was recognised that some of these are achievable components of policy whilst others are important aspirations. The Policies & Objectives and Aspirations which follow are derived from the following aims:

To work closely with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council to identify a site that meets the housing requirement in the Local Plan and is supported by the local community

To provide a planning framework for development that:

  • reinforces the quality and character of Market Bosworth
  • is sensitive to the local ambience which combines a thriving and often busy core with nearby areas of tranquil open space
  • protects and enriches the landscape
  • takes account of the impact of new development on the Conservation Area and other heritage assets

To prioritise local distinctiveness in every element of change and future development

To strengthen and support economic activity within the Neighbourhood Area

To seek improvements to traffic flow, congestion and parking

To seek improvements to digital connectivity

To maintain and improve local facilities and services for the community.

The Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

In order to deliver the Vision and Aims of the community the Plan identifies a number of Objectives and from these a number of Policies follow.

The Character and Environment Objectives set out to protect and enhance the setting of Market Bosworth, its historic core, the surrounding landscape and important views, vistas and green fingers reaching into the town.

The Building and Development Objectives aim to encourage suitable sustainable residential and employment development whilst protecting the town from unrestrained growth which adversely impacts the environment or character of the area.

The Character and Environment Objectives are:

  • Sensitive development respecting the Character of Market Bosworth
  • Protect and enhance existing open spaces and amenities
  • Protect and enhance existing open spaces and important landscape characteristics
  • Conserve and enhance important trees and wooded areas
  • Conserve and enhance the distinctive landscape outside the settlement boundary

The Building and Development Objectives are:

  • Provide affordable housing with local people given priority
  • Provision of housing and employment opportunities to meet the needs of the community
  • Provide a design brief to demonstrate how the development will address key concerns of the community

These Objectives are outlined on the pages listed below: