Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council – Decision Statement

In accordance with the regulations, Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Development Plan is ‘made’ and planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area must be considered against the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan, as well as existing planning policy.

Referendum Result

Bosworth Vision are pleased to announce that 88% of voters made a “Yes vote”. With just 11% saying No.

The turnout of 405 voters represents 22.6% of the eligible electorate.

The team are delighted that the community has demonstrated such positive support for the work undertaken over the last 3 years and they are keen to begin implementation of the Plan.


Notice Of Poll

July 2015 – Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan moves closer to referendum

Following the examination of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Development Plan in February 2015, to ensure that the document meets the Basic Conditions, the council has considered and accepted all the changes recommended in the Examiners Report

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Development Plan will now proceed to referendum. This will take place on Thursday, 3 September 2015.

For further information, view the Decision Statement and the following Specified Documents, which the council is required to publish as part of the publicity for the referendum, online:

The above documents can also be viewed at:

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Offices,
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Market Bosworth Library,
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Monday and Tuesday – 2pm to 5pm
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Feb 2015 – Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan moves closer to referendum

The Plan has now been through the examination stage with the examiner Mr Richard High BA MA MRTPI  concluding, “I am therefore pleased to recommend that the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Development Plan as modified by my recommendations should proceed to a referendum.”

The full report is available to download here – Market Bosworth Examination

The report will now be considered in line with regulatory requirements.

[intro]The NDP journey ends with a referendum which to be accepted needs to have a 51% majority of those who vote, in favour of acceptance of the proposed plan. The NDP journey to produce a plan for referendum includes the following stages.

  1. Getting started – set up the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group; define the Neighbourhood Area; and prepare a programme of work.
  2. Identifying the issues – consult the community to find out what people like and dislike about Market Bosworth and if there are things that the Parish doesn’t have and which the community would like to see if possible.
  3. Develop a vision and objectives – prepare and consult on a long term vision that sets out a broad picture of the community’s aspirations for the future of Market Bosworth and a list of objectives that set out what must be done in order to achieve the vision.
  4. Generate options – draw up and consult on a list of realistic and achievable options to decide which ones are preferred by the community and are most likely to achieve the objectives of the Plan.
  5. Draft the Neighbourhood Plan – prepare the Draft Plan. This will set out the options to be pursued. It will include planning policies which explain the key components of development or use of land that the Plan will support and the criteria that will be used to decide whether a proposal is likely to be acceptable or not.
  6. Consultation and submission – consult the local community and other parties and analyse the responses. Once appropriate changes have been made the Plan will be submitted to the Borough Council who will ensure that it complies with legal requirements and invite further comments to be considered by the person undertaking the examination.
  7. Independent examination – the Plan will be checked by an independent examiner to ensure it meets the correct standards. If it does not, the examiner has the authority to recommend changes or outline concerns that need to be addressed before the Plan can proceed to a referendum.
  8. Referendum and adoption – once the examiner has passed the Plan, the Borough Council is required to hold a referendum in the Parish so that the community has the final say on whether it comes into force or not. All those on the Electroral Roll will be entitled to vote. If more than 50% of those voting support the Plan, the Borough Council must bring it into force. Once the Plan has been adopted it will form part of the Development Plan. This means that the Borough Council must determine planning applications in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Additional information:

An overview of the process can is given in the following link Roadmap

A more detailed account of the NDP Journey to the end point of referendum is given here The-Roadmap-details