Character and Environment Policies

Objective: Sensitive development respecting the Character of Market Bosworth

POLICY CE1: Character and Environment

POLICY CE1a: All new development within Market Bosworth should be in keeping with its Character Area with regards to scale, layout and materials to retain local distinctiveness and create a sense of place. Where new development would be visible from an adjacent Character Area it should be sensitive to the principal characteristics of that area. Innovative or outstanding design will be supported if it raises the overall quality of the Character Area. The boundaries of the Character Areas are shown on the character areas map.

POLICY CE1b: Any new development within Character Area D should pay particular regard to existing rooflines. Within Character Area E the roofline of any new development must respect adjoining areas and neighbouring buildings and not harm important views.


Objective: Protect and enhance existing open spaces and amenities

POLICY CE2: Local Green Space
The following areas are designated as Local Green Space:

Silk Hill area
The wide verge including a line of mature oak trees on the west side of Sutton Lane.

The boundaries of the above Local Green Spaces are shown on the green spaces map

New development that is incompatible with the importance of the Local Green Space as an attractive publicly accessible area will not be allowed unless there are very special circumstances where the benefits of the development clearly outweigh any harm.


Objective: Protect and enhance existing open spaces and important landscape characteristics.

POLICY CE3: Important Views and Vistas
Development that harms important views into or vistas out of Market Bosworth will be resisted. The location and direction of these views and vistas are indicated on the green spaces map

New development will not be supported if it has a significantly adverse impact on an important view or vista.


Objective: Conserve and enhance important trees and wooded areas

Mature trees and woodland should be protected wherever possible. Development that will result in the loss of or damage to Protected Trees and Woodlands will not be permitted unless a satisfactory scheme for the replacement of lost trees or mitigation of any damage to the landscape is agreed.


Objective: Conserve and enhance the distinctive landscape outside the settlement boundary

POLICY CE5: Landscape of the wider parish
In the open countryside outside the settlement boundary, new development will only be permitted

  • where it contributes to the local economy
  • for the re-use or extension of an existing building or
  • for sport or recreation or
  • for new dwellings in the circumstances identified in paragraph 55 of the Framework.

In all cases development will only be permitted where it does not cause harm to the landscape or biodiversity of the countryside that cannot be effectively mitigated