The current Plan was based on extensive engagement and consultation with the local community over a period of several years. The main steps in the evolution of the Plan are outlined below:

Year Step
2011 Market Bosworth Parish Council (MBPC) agreed to be a frontrunner for the newly announced government Neighbourhood Planning opportunity.
2012 MBPC requested volunteers to form a working group to work with them to develop a Neighbourhood Plan based on community input.
2012 Several public engagement events, stakeholder events, open days and consultations took place at which hundreds of residents shared their views.
2013 Building on the community input the Vision Aims and Objectives for the plan took shape, providing a context for the policies and aspirations.
2014 The draft plan was put out to formal consultation and supported.
2015 The final version was examined by an inspector who agreed it could go to referendum. The Plan was supported at referendum by 88% of voters.
2020 Following the production of an updated Housing Needs Assessment and an independent confirmation that the updated figure did not effect any of the Plan policies, HBBC issued a formal update to the Plan to ensure that it remains up to date.

The Neighbourhood Plan development stages and key documents can be seen on the following pages.

Early Consultation
2014 Consultation
Publicity Stage – Associated Documents – Consultation Feedback