A residential street in Market Bosworth

Development Needs

Despite the growth in housing in Market Bosworth since the mid 1960s, with four significant new developments to the west of the town centre, there is significant pressure to further increase the housing stock beyond the identified need established in the Local Plan and expand the settlement boundary into the surrounding open countryside. The key drivers for further development arise from a ‘duty of care’ for future generations. The needs and expectations of the residents and businesses and the strain placed on an infrastructure moulded and limited by the history of the town are also key drivers. Development issues include:

  1. Transport: car parking, congestion, road signage ‘clutter’ and pedestrian and cycle safety
  2. Housing: needs of the local population, especially first time buyers and those seeking to downsize
  3. Business and employment: infrastructure, support services and expansion opportunities
  4. Tourism: encourage sustainable development of tourism as a driver to support the local economy e.g. visitors to the town centre, markets, festivals, Bosworth Water Trust, the Country Park, railway, canal and marina development
  5. Infrastructure: meeting the changing demands for services (including high speed broadband and reliable mobile phone reception), both commercial and social, for the local population
  6. Countryside: the green environment, especially the open areas, panoramic views and countryside surrounding the settlement area is seen as an important characteristic not only of the town’s location but in creating the ambiance of the rural heritage

These key issues inform the Vision and Aims for the Plan to achieve proportionate infrastructure development and reinvigorate the local community for the future whilst protecting the essential character of Market Bosworth.