Suburban Residential

This area forms the largest bulk of built form in the settlement and serves as suburban residential dwellings.

The three main residential estates referred to are:

  1. The 1960/70/80s residential estates to the south west of the historic core including properties along Station Road
  2. Cedar Drive residential estate to the south of the historic core
  3. Residential properties on Moorland Close, Barton Road, Back Lane and Harcourt Spinney to the north and west of the historic core.

The suburban residential land uses within Character Area D have the defined character of:

  1. Dominated by detached and semi-detached, two storey dwellings
  2. Long open aspect front gardens provide a sense of openness
  3. Wide, open aspect grassed verges at road entrances
  4. Public open spaces dividing housing
  5. Well proportioned, uniform plots with properties set back from the pavement
  6. Garages and Driveways.

Residential Street (1)