Leisure and Tourism

This is an important element of the town for both landscape and economy reasons and it consists of the following land uses:

  • Bosworth Water Trust, (south of Wellsborough Road) a 50 acre site including 20 acres of water for a range of water sports such as boating, sailing, fishing and windsurfing. Other facilities include a cafe, crazy golf course, a manmade beach and a campsite for caravans and tents
  • Market Bosworth Sports Club (south of Wellsborough Road, west of Canal) a large open recreational and sporting area consisting of football and cricket pitches and a clubhouse edged by lines of trees
  • Bosworth Marina, (north of Wellsborough Road, west of Canal), a large open expanse of water consisting of an L-shaped basin to provide moorings for up to 150 narrow boats
  • Kyngs Golf and Country Club, (North of Station Road), a large, landscaped 126 acre site forming an 18 hole golf course and associated facilities. The course spans north up to the parish boundary with Carlton (the golf club has closed since the production of the Plan though there are plans for it to re-open at a future date)
  • The Ashby Canal and Battlefield Line comprise a linear recreational and infrastructure corridor linking Hinckley and Nuneaton to the National Forest.
    The land uses within Character Area A have the defined character of:

    1. Open landscape features including open bodies of water and green countryside
    2. Large wide open aspect (within individual sites)
    3. Outdoor leisure pursuits including water-based activities
    4. Heritage-style leisure resources

Bosworth Station