Character Areas

In economic terms, employment opportunities are provided by schools, small businesses around the town, an industrial area to the west of the settlement, restaurants, public houses and a hotel. However, 72% of the working population commutes to work outside the Neighbourhood Area.

A doctors’ surgery, dentist, veterinary practice, police and fire stations, library, parish hall, retail outlets and small businesses serve the local community. In addition to the schools’ sports facilities there are football, cricket, tennis and bowls club grounds, livery stables, fishing ponds and a water park providing access to various water sports.In terms of educational facilities, there are a nursery school, playschool, primary school, secondary school and a fee paying school. The combined total student population is approximately 1,300.

In physical terms the Parish of Market Bosworth remains predominantly open countryside, farmland, spinneys and parkland. Market Bosworth evolved over generations to meet the growing needs and functions of a small market town serving a large rural area. Expansion utilised the natural landscape features that would best suit the purposes required and as such can now be described in terms of seven character areas listed here and shown in the map below: