Throughout the development of the Neighbourhood Plan the community demonstrated a real enthusiasm to identify and bring forward projects to implement. Suggestions and evidence of support for projects and initiatives has been generated by focus groups, public consultation events, the questionnaire, web site, and individual responses. Examples of these are:

  • The introduction of a complete ‘one way’ system in the town centre which will result in an increase in on street car parking provision
  • Traffic management to help manage traffic congestion at peak times
  • The construction of a footpath linking the Bosworth Water Park to the rest of the town
  • Improved mobile phone connectivity
  • Improved provision of high speed broadband
  • BMX/skate board facility in suitable location

This list continues to grow and a summary of progress on these and other more recent initiatives can be seen on the Community Needs page.

Recent Developments

Since the adoption of the Plan, Bosworth Vision has continued to help encourage sustainable design and construction of new developments in line with the Plan, maintenance of existing services and provision of new services to support the population and to preserve and enhance the green infrastructure of the town.

In the summer of 2020 Market Bosworth Parish Council commissioned an independent assessment of housing need to give us an up to date housing requirement. This has enabled us to check that we continued to be able to satisfy the need for new housing in the town. This independent report confirmed that the site allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan is more than enough to meet the housing need and developments on any other sites are not needed.

Looking Forward

Work will start shortly on production of a new Neighbourhood Plan looking forward to 2039, meanwhile the current Plan will continue to guide developments in the town.