Gladman is at it again

Gladman is again trying to impose unwanted development on Market Bosworth. The proposed development will be for up to 125 houses on an area of land in open countryside outside the town’s defined settlement boundary and contrary to the overwhelming wishes of the residents in consultations held prior to the Neighbourhood Plan in 2015.

Update on Public Inquiry re development on land to the North of Station Road

In May this year, the HBBC Planning Committee unanimously refused planning consent for the Richborough Estates proposed development of 63 houses in front of the golf course land r Richborough Estates have called for a Public Inquiry into this decision.

Neighbourhood Plan Stakeholder Engagement Event

The Bosworth Vision Planning Group is looking forward to hosting a Stakeholder Event in the early evening of 23rd November. This will be open to all key stakeholder groups such as businesses, schools, medical and healthcare providers, emergency and other services

The community engagement event was well attended

People from our community engaging with members of BVPG at the first community engagement event in October 2021.

Gladman is trying again to impose an unwanted development on the community

In spite of overwhelming opposition to Gladman's earlier proposals they are trying again. Even if you objected last time you will need to do so again for your voice to be heard.

Speculative Developers ignore the community again

Richborough Estates has now gone to appeal with the secretary of state to try to overturn the democratic decision of our councillors. Another speculative planning application has come forward. Ainscough Strategic Land is proposing a development for “up to 105 houses” on land at Wharf Farm on the North side of Station Road.

Community Engagement Event – 8th and 9th October

The initial public engagement event to gather information for the revision of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th October 2021, from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM each day.

Opportunity to comment on new draft HBBC Local Plan

HBBC is consulting on a draft Local Plan, which is the next stage in the process for preparing a new local plan for our borough. The Local Plan is the key planning document for the borough and it will guide future development in Hinckley and Bosworth up to 2039.

Have Your say as we develop the Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is not something that is done to the local community - rather, it must reflect the views and opinions of local residents, businesses and other groups. BVPG is planning to hold a series of informal consultations starting in late August so keep your eye on this site for more information about this and other ways you can make your views known

Unwanted development proposal rejected!

HBBC’s Planning Committee overwhelmingly rejected the proposed housing development in front of the Golf Course at its meeting on Tuesday 25th May. Several councillors took the opportunity to explicitly express their support for Neighbourhood Plans and their frustration that they do not seem to be given appropriate weight in considering some planning applications.

Unwanted development may be approved by HBBC

The unwanted speculative development in front of the golf course on the north side of Station Road may be approved by HBBC. The application will be considered by HBBC planning committee on 25th May and the planning officer is recommending that the  committee approve it.

Yet another speculative housing development proposal

This proposed development will be for some 100+ houses on an area of land rejected by over 76% of our residents in consultations held prior to the Neighbourhood Plan.