Housing and business development is a significant issue within the community of Market Bosworth and an issue on which there is a diversity of opinion. Bosworth Vision recognises the need to balance the requirement for sustainable development without compromising the essential and desirable characteristics of the town.

Through public consultation and engagement with relevant stakeholders and other planning authorities an identifiable evidence based assessment of need for the future will be produced. This will result in policies identifying projections in terms of amount of housing required, type of housing for example affordable, bungalow, house (size, type) and preferred locations.

Bosworth Vision is keen to ensure that future development meets the approval of the community in terms of design and style; and that the priority for developers will be meet the needs of the community.

Business needs are more complex, with Education and Tourism being the two biggest employers. Manufacturing and engineering together with other smaller enterprises located on the Industrial Estate are also important in terms of employment and contribute significantly to the local economy as well as a part of local heritage. Bosworth Vision feels that it is essential that all local businesses are consulted as part of the process.

Residential Street

In terms of existing housing policy, Hinckley and Bosworth as the Local Planning Authority identified a need for a minimum of 100 houses in the Core Strategy(2009). The Core Strategy identifies that “affordable housing on site target is 40% with tenure split of 75% social rented and 25% intermediate housing. These figures will be negotiated on a site basis taking into account: identified local need (based on H&BBC’s housing register and housing needs surveys), existing provision, characteristics of the site and viability). To ensure the right type of housing is built, an understanding of the types of households likely to be needed in the future is needed.”