Preserving our Heritage

Bosworth Vision seeks to enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors through the protection and enhancement of the visual impacts of buildings and land by:

  1. the imaginative conservation and use of heritage assets, particularly the listed buildings in the town centre
  2. improving the physical environment and ‘street scene’ throughout the area, including the creation of a safe and pleasant pedestrian network
  3. encouraging under-utilised buildings and land to be brought back into appropriate use and make a positive contribution to the street scene
  4. use of an urban design framework to guide development in the area.

Over recent years residents and their community organisations have enhanced the character of the local area; this needs to be reinvigorated and relevant public and private landowners encouraged to participate positively in this process.  The H&B Borough Council’s interest in the promotion of the town is noted as potential means of achieving conservation objectives.  There may be scope for ‘enabling development’ to make a contribution, whereby a development scheme creates the opportunity for further development and/or improvements to land and buildings.  An urban design framework will guide new development, and improvements of existing development, towards a high quality outcome.

The Conservation Area is an essential element in the essential character of Market Bosworth.

The Conservation Area Character Appraisal carried out by the Bosworth Society provides a detailed insight into the importance of this area.