Enhancing our Environment and Open Spaces

Bosworth Vision seeks to enhance the quality of the environment and open spaces through:

  1. Improving and making best use of the environmental assets in the area, especially the parks, water courses and green spaces, while recognising that some current open space can be used more beneficially for other purposes
  2. Ensuring that appropriate uses and management programmes are in place for the smaller open spaces
  3. Ensuring that development addresses any existing and potential issues of air, water and land pollution
  4. Promoting, where appropriate, the protection of existing, and the development of new, green infrastructure, enhancing the contribution to a healthy neighbourhood
  5. Ensuring that no development imposes unacceptable environmental impacts on neighbouring people and properties.

It is intended that new developments should be ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘health promoting’, achieving relevant high environmental standards, and that support should be given so that existing buildings can be upgraded towards these standards whenever possible.  All development should minimise negative environmental impacts throughout construction and use.  The Plan seeks to improve the quality of open spaces but proposes that some open spaces of lesser quality are used for other purposes, thereby maintaining a positive balance in favour of environmental objectives.

Some of the key open spaces which we need to protect are:

  • The open countryside and the general character this gives to the surroundings
  • The Square and its special character
  • Other ‘urban’ spaces
  • Children’s play areas
  • Informal open areas in residential streets, such as large verges, cul de sacs, roundabouts
  • Churchyards and cemetery
  • School grounds
  • Grounds of other public buildings (eg fire station)
  • Footpaths, cycleways and bridleways
  • Watercourses, canal, streams
  • Pockets of woodland
  • Sports pitches
  • Battlefield Railway and associated land
  • Wildlife and biodiversity

It is important that we identify any areas of open space that we should plan to protect because, if there is no plan in place, new government legislation will assume that the area is available for development.