Parking Restrictions

Following a comprehensive review of parking and the congestion problems it causes, new waiting restrictions have been implemented on Barton Road, Sutton Lane and Station Road outside the Community Library.

Town Centre Redevelopment

The Town Centre redevelopment involves the introduction of a complete one-way system in the town centre which, together with resurfacing of the market square and improvements to pavements and provision of traffic calming measures will result in a safer and more pleasant environment for all users and will provide an increase in on street car parking.

Market Square From Station Road

Phase 1 of the work produced an outline plan, including details of proposed surfaces, parking bays and improvements for pedestrians. There was a public consultation in October 2018 which resulted in overwhelming support by the community.

Phase 2 involves a detailed analysis of precise locations of all the utilities’ pipes, cables and other hidden services under the market square and roads, traffic modelling and detailed planning of parking and signage. Work has started on this phase and will be completed once COVID restrictions allow.