Station Field

The main residential development focus has been on facilitating the mixed housing and employment development on the allocated site (Station Field). This has been complex and time-consuming due to the number of land owners and leaseholders involved in enabling access to the site. It has been important throughout to ensure that safe access from Station Road to housing is separated from traffic into and out of the business park.

A Design Brief was commissioned to guide planners and developers and sets out the key factors for bringing the Station Field site forward in a way that complies with policy and embodies good design. An addendum covering the wildlife habitats on the site was produced subsequently.

These documents can be seen at Station Field Design Brief and Wildlife Habitat Addendum to the Station Field Design Brief

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council then commissioned a Master Plan which, guided by the Design Brief, provides an outline of the proposed site layout and options for access to Station Road and in May 2020 Leicestershire County Council Highways Department approved the access options. In late 2020 a public consultation was conducted on the Masterplan, which will be brought before Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council for formal endorsement in spring 2021.

Together the Master Plan and Design Brief will guide developers to help ensure that any development is in accord with the wishes and aspiration of the community and the Parish Council and Steering Group will continue to keep a close eye on development proposals.


This site (off the roundabout by the canal, opposite Pipistrelle Drive) was identified as suitable for residential development before the Neighbourhood Plan was produced.

In early 2020 Owl Homes submitted a Design Proposal and a Design and Access Statement for a proposed development of 76 residential dwellings, which includes the retention of significant ecological features. This was reviewed by the Planning Group and Parish Council and the type and mix of developments looks very promising. This proposal was refused by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Owl Homes is reviewing the submission and we hope that an updated application will be successful.

Unwanted Speculative Housing Development Proposals

Market Bosworth is an attractive location for speculative developers to attempt to build housing in many locations. Bosworth residents recognise the need for sustainable housing and employment development in the town and the Neighbourhood Plan identifies the Station Field site as the allocated site for housing and employment development. Speculative development proposals on other sites around the town are against the wishes of residents and should be opposed.

Residents should also be aware that initial outline planning applications may bear little resemblance to any subsequent development, but once outline permission has been granted there is little likelihood of being able to make significant objections to the development.

The original Neighbourhood Plan consultation identified two potential sites for development; land to the North and land to the South of Station Road and residents were asked to vote on their preference. The outcomes from the 500 households who answered this question showed a clear preference by 64% of the respondents for the South of Station Rd, and this was subsequently endorsed in the final Neighbourhood Plan by 89% of respondents in the referendum prior to its adoption.

The allocated site provides sufficient land for the identified housing needs of Market Bosworth and also allocates land for the development of further employment opportunities. There sis no need for housing development elsewhere in the town.

Proposed development on Shenton Lane

The Parish Council and Steering Group coordinated efforts to oppose the proposed speculative development of a significant number of houses on the pastureland between Shenton Lane and the ‘gated road’. A joint flyer explaining the proposals to develop the site and how this conflicted with the adopted Neighbourhood Plan was circulated to all homes in the town, encouraging residents to submit their own individual objections. The Parish Council and Neighbourhood Forum have each submitted their own objections to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council.

Bosworth Vision is pleased to see that the initial proposal has been rejected by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council but residents will need to remain vigilant as it is likely that the applicant will appeal.

Proposed development on the north side of Station Road

A planning application has been submitted to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council for outline planning permission for up to 63 dwellings on land North of Station Road.

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan is based on extensive consultation with residents and stakeholders and this proposed site was explicitly rejected as suitable for housing during consultation as part of the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Both Market Bosworth Parish Council and Bosworth Vision (the Neighbourhood Planning Group) believe that this application should be declined as; it is in direct conflict with the wishes of residents expressed during the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and conflicts with a number of policies in the Plan.