Community Needs

Bosworth Vision recognises that the Neighbourhood Development Plan needs to reconcile the development needs of the future whilst retaining the essential character of the town.

The following themes and issues were suggested as the main foci to be addressed

The NDP has to recognise and work within the legal parameters of national planning frameworks. Key Rural Centres Stand Alone, such as Market Bosworth, are those settlements outside the National Forest and away from the edge of Leicester that provide services to their rural hinterlands. The focus for Market Bosworth will be on consolidating and improving the existing services and maintaining the strong sense of individual identity.

Improving transport links and strengthening and improving existing tourist attractions (Bosworth Water Trust, Country Park, Market Place, Battlefield Line Railway and Ashby Canal) to encourage more weekend visits. Some elements identified by H&BBC (Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council) that support local services and maintain rural population levels are identified below and will help inform the NDP.

In all cases it is important to ensure that the interests of older and disabled people are appropriately protected in accordance with the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010.

Housing and Business

  • Encouraging an appropriate mix of dwelling types, sizes and tenures, with a particular focus on the provision of appropriate housing for people from the local area.
  • Supporting the improvement of employment prospects
  • Encouraging high quality and well-designed residential and commercial environments
  • Allocation of land for the development of a minimum of 100 new homes taking into account the latest Housing Market Assessment and local housing needs survey
  • Support additional employment provision to meet local needs
  • Support the role of Market Bosworth as a tourist destination in its own right and linked to the Bosworth Battlefield and Ashby Canal Corridor

Transport and Parking

  • Supporting the promotion of sustainable modes of transport, including foot and cycle, and improved public transport
  • Support the provision of a new car park at Dixie Grammar School

Environment, Open Spaces and Leisure

  • Encouraging measures to adapt to the impacts of climate change, including the promotion of sustainable energy development and sustainable waste management
  • Ensure that everyone has access to a variety of high quality open spaces and sport and leisure opportunities.
  • Support the improvement of the healthcare facilities in Market Bosworth to support the increase in population, to be delivered by the PCT and developer contributions
  • Address the existing deficiencies in the quality, quantity and accessibility of green space and play provision in Market Bosworth with new green space and play provision to be provided where necessary to meet required standards
  • Implement the strategic green infrastructure network. To achieve this, the following strategic interventions relating to Market Bosworth will be required:
  1. Improved connections between Market Bosworth and Market Bosworth Water Trust
  2. Protect the fingers of green open land which penetrate towards the Market Place as these are important to the rural settings of the town as supported by the Hinckley and  Bosworth Landscape Character Assessment.
  3. Bosworth Battlefield; disused railway line – Nuneaton to Market Bosworth Multifunctional Corridor
  4. Bagworth to Market Bosworth Multifunctional Corridor
  5. Deliver safe cycle routes in particular Market Bosworth to Carlton
  • Seek improvements to the High School indoor sports facilities and outdoor pool and the playing fields near Bosworth Water Trust as supported by the Hinckley and
  • Bosworth Cultural facilities audit including improved community access and availability


  • Require new development to respect the character and appearance of the Market Bosworth Conservation Area by incorporating locally distinctive features of the conservation area into the development.

Digital Infrastructure

  • Seek to improve mobile phone coverage in Market Bosworth
  • Seek to speed up the deployment of high speed broadband services