The Review Process

MBPC and BVPG have continually monitored and evaluated the Plan.

The time is now right to update the Plan because:

  • The Neighbourhood Plan was originally set for the period 2014 –2026 but changes in national government policies and local authority plans means that our Neighbourhood Plan can from time to time require updating.
  • Recent changes at national level meant that the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 2012 which was the context for our plan was updated in 2019 and now again in 2021.
  • Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) is now consulting on its draft new Local Plan.
  • Our review has shown that updating our Plan and implementing some modifications will ensure our plan is in compliance with the updated national and local guidance.

Review outline

Both the BVPG and external consultants have reviewed our current Plan and we agree that updating it now will not only be to our benefit but will allow us to extend our Plan to 2039.

What we need to do:

  • Ensure the background and context sections of the Plan provide up to date information
  • Ensure the Vision Aims and Objectives remain relevant
  • Ensure Policies are not only up to date but strengthen them where necessary
  • Consider the aspirations of our current residents for Market Bosworth over the next 18 years