The original market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by HBBC in 2015. It can be seen in Neighbourhood Plan 2014 2026    .

Since the Plan was adopted, MBPC and the BVPG have started implementing community aspirations, including:

Obtaining funding and agreements for the footpath on Wellsborough Road to the Water Park and a bus shelter at the terminus

Improving the Memorial Gardens

Addressing the many concerns regularly identified by residents, businesses and visitors about: pedestrian safety, parking, traffic speed and congestion and the uneven surface in the marketplace. The major program of work to address these concerns is the Town Centre Development Proposal. This will result in:

  • Improving pedestrian safety including designated pedestrian crossing places in the marketplace
  • Slowing traffic in the main pedestrian areas
  • Increasing parking spaces through provision of extra parking spaces, echelon parking and time restricted parking
  • Improving the market place surface to reduce risk, minimise maintenance and enrich the character of the area.


MBPC and the BVPG have continued to work producing other documents to support the Plan, including:

A Design Brief for the Station Field site and a later Addendum to the Design Brief to help ensure that developments comply with the Plan policies

Working with landowners and HBBC to produce a Master Plan for the Station Field site. This:

  • illustrates how the site may be developed in a sustainable manner to provide an attractive new extension to the existing community.
  • ensures that there is a clear appreciation of the community’s aspirations
  • prepares and communicates attractive scheme proposals that clearly set out the vision and key parameters and principles for the future development of the site
  • assists in the delivery of the mixed use development of the site

Producing the Tree and Hedgerow survey which identifies all the mature trees and significant hedgerows which should be protected wherever possible.

Working with external consultants to produce:

  • a Housing Requirement analysis to provide an up to date view of the types of new dwellings needed
  • a Housing Needs Assessment to provide an up to date analysis of the number of new dwellings needed. As a result of this HBBC issued an update to the Neighbourhood Plan which ensures that the Plan is up to date.
  • set of Design Codes to reflect the community’s aspirations for future development