Immediate tasks

We need to ensure that the background and context sections of the current Plan provide up to date information eg:

  1. Some information and statistical data are out of date.
  2. Our policies need to meet new requirements e.g. Design Codes
  3. Our own monitoring and evaluation plus feedback from our community has identified that the current Plan does not sufficiently focus on:
  • The heritage aspect of the town and parish
  • The pros and cons of being a visitor/tourist destination
  • Our rural surroundings, which need to be valued more as an asset
  • Our conservation area, which is not adequately referenced in the current Plan
  • The need for policies to ensure sustainable development in Market Bosworth is relevant to our unique community
  • Consideration of climate change and strategies to improve biodiversity

How you can help

The Neighbourhood Plan has an overall Vision Statement from which a number of Aims follow. These then lead to a number of Objectives from which the specific Policies are derived. These Policies are the key statements which articulate the views of the community about the way that Market Bosworth should be developed during the life of the Plan.

We need help from everyone in our community to confirm or update the Vision Statement, Aims, Objectives and Policies.

The Vision, Aims and Objectives in the current Plan can be seen in the Vision, Aims and Objectives page, and the Policies can be seen in the Policies page.

There will be a number of public engagement events, stakeholder events, open days and consultations as the Plan evolves over the next few months. Please take the opportunity to get involved in these events and make your views known. Everyone in the community has an equal right to have their voice heard.

Independent consultants from the Rural Community Council (RCC) will analyse and collate all the information gathered at engagement events and once we have modified the Plan based on your input the draft version will be subject to a formal consultation sometime in 2022.

Keep an eye on this website for the latest information or to volunteer to help.