General Characteristics

The elevated position, sitting on a spur of land amid woods between shallow valleys and the diversity of the landscape around adds favourably to this historic setting. The town encompasses historic buildings; a Roman villa-style structure, Bosworth Hall which dates from 1670s and St Peter’s Church. There has been a church on this site since pre-Norman times. There are numerous small woodlands and coppices around the town, circumscribed by ancient parkland with fish ponds and arboretum.

Market Bosworth is a parish in the administrative domain of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. The resident population of the Neighbourhood Plan area is approximately 2,500 in around 650 households.

In terms of educational facilities, there is a nursery, playschool, primary school, high school and a fee paying school with a total student population of approximately 900. A doctor’s surgery, veterinary practice, police and fire stations, library, parish hall, retail outlets and small businesses serve the local community. In addition to the schools’ sports facilities there are football, cricket, tennis and bowls club grounds, horse riding stables and water park providing access to various (still) water sports.

In economic terms, employment opportunities are provided by small businesses around the town, an industrial area to the West of the settlement, restaurants, public houses and a hotel. However, about 72% of the working population commutes to work outside the town.

In physical terms, the Parish of Market Bosworth can be split into sub-areas

  • The Conservation Area
  • Schools and School Playing Fields
  • Industrial Estate
  • Residential
  • Open Spaces / Surrounding Countryside
  • Rail and Canal Corridor
  • Peripheral Small Settlements

Residential dwellings are predominantly to the South of Station Road / Park Street and either side of Barton Road. To the East of the settlement area there is the open space that includes St Peter’s Church, Bosworth Hall Hotel and the Country Park. To the West, between the canal and the Battlefield Line Railway, opposite the canal marina is a residential enclave that was built on a ‘brown field’ site. Beyond the Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal are the Sports Ground and Water Park.