About Bosworth Vision

Market Bosworth town sign near the Memorial Garden with daffodils in the foreground

Bosworth Vision is the website of the Bosworth Vision Planning Group, which is a working group of Market Bosworth Parish Council.

Thanks to David Neave for permission to use his photographs on the homepage and elsewhere on the site.

Bosworth Vision Aims

The Primary Aim of the Bosworth Vision Planning Group is to produce and maintain a Neighbourhood Plan for Market Bosworth which will:

  • facilitate a lively and diverse rural economy, underpinning a thriving community and locally based services. Provide the necessary day-to-day services to ensure rural communities have the choice to shop, work and play close to where they live
  • promote a sustainable and healthy community in Market Bosworth which satisfies the social and economic needs of the population while protecting and enhancing the environment
  • create a ‘heart’ for the community in the form of a physical focus for community activities and social interaction
  • protect and enhance the range and quality of housing in the town to match better the needs of local families and their right to decent housing
  • ensure that the limited new development that is required to meet changing needs shall reflect the unique identity of the town whilst having a character and identity of its own which complements, supports and integrates into the existing community
  • press for more frequent public transport and improved facilities along with a well-connected walking and cycling network to enable residents and visitors to travel locally by alternatives to the private car
  • promote the town and surrounding area to provide suitable local jobs and locally based services while contributing to the economic well-being of the town and the wider area
  • enhance the physical environment of the area in terms of the effective and healthy use of green infrastructure, open space, the quality of the street scene and the reduction of pollution
  • conserve and further utilise the heritage assets of the area, especially the listed buildings in the Conservation Area
  • improve the connectivity of the area in terms of the movement of people and goods and the availability of digital communication (high speed broadband and 4/5 G)
  • provide a framework within which the Parish Council and its partners can work together to achieve the above aims.