Distant View Of Market Bosworth

Most of you will have received a postcard from Gladman through the post recently. This shows another attempt by Gladman to impose unwanted development on Market Bosworth. The proposed development will be for up to 125 houses on an area of land in open countryside outside the town’s defined settlement boundary and contrary to the overwhelming wishes of the residents in consultations held prior to the Neighbourhood Plan in 2015. The Neighbourhood Plan passed referendum in 2015 with 89% support for development on the south of Station Road.

The Owl homes development by the canal is imminent and a Masterplan for the Station Field development has been published following public consultation and discussions with potential developers have started. These two developments on the south side of Station Road together with the additional windfall sites already permitted or completed (infill on spare land, conversion of Ambion Court etc), will more than meet our housing needs requirement until at least 2026 with capacity for our requirements to 2039 based on current figures. This and other speculative development would a triple our housing requirement and add almost 300 unnecessary houses and a further potential 400+ vehicles to the existing congested Station Road traffic.

Please bear in mind that

  • The consultation you received is for the benefit of the developer and will not affect any decisions made by the local planning authority.
  • The only way to influence planning decisions is to comment to HBBC on submitted planning applications.
  • Many of the ‘benefits’ mentioned by developers  (biodiversity, open space etc) are nothing more than legal requirements which any developer needs to provide.

If you wish to share your thoughts with Gladman by all means do so, but we strongly recommend you wait until a formal application is made to Hinckley and Bosworth Council at which point your objections should be sent to the planning department who are the decision makers.

If you wish to be notified when a formal application is made and to be kept informed about major planning matters in Market Bosworth then please sign up at the Keep Me Informed page

We are currently revising and updating the Neighbourhood Plan in line with regulations and requirements introduced since our last plan. If you would like to get involved please contact us at the Volunteer to help us page