Bosworth Hall Hotel

Following our Community Engagement Event in early October, The Bosworth Vision Planning Group is looking forward to hosting a Stakeholder Event between 6 PM and 8 PM on Tuesday 23rd November. This meeting will be held in the Bosworth Hall Hotel and is open to all key stakeholder groups such as businesses, schools, medical and healthcare providers, emergency and other services. Light refreshments will be provided.

The format for this event will be a short presentation followed by table discussions with open questions on issues focusing on how the revised Neighbourhood Plan can help maintain a sustainable future for Market Bosworth and ensure it remains a great place to live, work and visit.

This is your opportunity to help us better understand your aspirations for the development of both our community and your organisation. As with the Community Engagement Event, consultants from the Rural Community Council (RCC) will also be on hand to answer your questions, prior to collating and analysing your input. Once we have modified our current Neighbourhood Plan based on a rounded community input, the draft version will be subject to a formal consultation with the electorate hopefully in 2022.

We look forward to meeting a representative from your business or organisation to engage in the discussions and represent your views. There will be an opportunity after the initial information gathering session to also meet members of the BVPG and Parish Councillors to ask questions and share other ideas and or concerns.

If you represent a business, school, healthcare provider or public body (not recreational etc society or club) and have not received an invitation please contact John Manley ASAP. Otherwise, please email John Manley  j.manley@marketbosworth-pc.gov.uk As Soon As Possible if your organisation will be represented.