Kyngs Golf Course

As you may have seen elsewhere on this site, the Bosworth Vision Planning Group (BVPG) is working on a major update of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan covering developments up to 2039. We need to make this revision to stay in line with changes in legislation and national and local government initiatives and because the current Plan only lasts until 2026.  Whilst this seems to be a long way into the future, the legislative path for such a revised plan is very formal and will take quite a long time.

It is really important to realise that the Neighbourhood Plan is not something that is done to the local community – rather it must reflect the views and opinions of local residents, businesses and other groups whilst maintaining compliance with legislation and the new Hinckley and Bosworth Council (HBBC) Local Plan, scheduled to be available in the next few months.

We need your input to the plan to ensure that our town develops in the way that residents, businesses and other local groups wish. The issues to be considered range widely, from housing needs and development, through environmental matters to transport infrastructure, parking, pedestrian safety and fast broadband. Without an updated plan, we are open to having outcomes imposed upon us.

With the end to lockdown in sight, and now that we can work on matters other than preventing unwanted speculative developments (at least temporarily!), we can begin to focus on having events to ascertain your views on the new plan. To this end we are planning to hold a series of informal consultations starting in late August and continuing through September of this year. The BVPG and the Parish Council will be working with consultants from the Rural Community Council (RCC) to analyse and collate your views before asking for formal confirmation of the community’s views, likely to be via a questionnaire in early 2022.

Please watch out for further information on this important step in the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. The latest information will be available on this site and you can always sign up to be kept informed directly of important developments at the Keep me informed page