View over the golf course

We are delighted to be able to report that HBBC’s Planning Committee overwhelmingly rejected the proposed housing development in front of the Golf Course at its meeting on Tuesday 25th May.

This will come as a huge relief to the many residents, businesses and visitors who opposed this development.

Thanks to Parish Council chair, John Wasteney, and our Borough Councillor Maureen Cook who both spoke on behalf of the people of Market Bosworth and to the other members of Bosworth Vision and the Parish Council who worked in the background to ensure that every member of the Planning Committee was fully briefed about the history and issues around this proposed development.

A special vote of thanks to the members of HBBC’s Planning Committee. Not only did the members of the Committee go against the advice of HBBC’s planning officer who proposed that the development be approved but they did so overwhelmingly. Several members spoke about the importance of Neighbourhood Plans. Such plans are produced at great personal and financial cost by local people and express the wishes of the community about how their areas should be developed.

The fact that several councillors took the opportunity to explicitly express their support for Neighbourhood Plans and their frustration that they do not seem to be given appropriate weight in considering some planning applications is a good sign that things may begin to improve.

We hope that as we move forward to producing the major update of our Neighbourhood Plan, covering the period up to 2039, we can work constructively with HBBC to ensure that we have a robust Plan which everyone involved in the planning process can support.