Wild Flowers

Re-wilding Market Bosworth

Don’t worry, no wolves are involved!

The Leicester County Council Grass Verge Project enables Parishes to do their bit to help counter the environmental crisis the world is facing by the simple process of returning grass verges to their wild state, which will also enrich the local environment for future generations.

Subject to sufficient support from residents, approval by the Parish Council and acceptance by the Leicester County Council Grass Verge Project, selected verges in Market Bosworth will be surveyed and assessed for suitability. Those chosen will be left uncut until the plants have been able to grow through the grass, flower and drop the seeds to begin the cycle over again, thus supporting the pollinators and the eco systems which depend upon them. We may sow wild flower seed to help with the overall attractiveness to both wildlife and humans alike.

Currently the verges are maintained by Leicestershire County Council. Market Bosworth Parish Council would become responsible for any costs involved in maintaining verges selected for this scheme.

To be accepted, the verges must be at least 2 meters deep and not be on or near a junction where wild flowers could obstruct vision. We are also in discussion with Bosworth Hall Hotel to re-wild parts of the grounds, and will be contacting other private land owners.

More information on the scheme can be found on the Develop your own wildflower area page on the LCC website.

If you know of any areas you would like to nominate for re-wilding or would like to volunteer please contact us via the Volunteering page or the Contact us page