Trees Along Sutton Lane

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan (MBNP) and the Tree & Hedgerow survey conducted by local residents both refer to the woodland and the direct link to the agricultural countryside as being characteristic of Market Bosworth.

The distinctive character described above is unique in Leicestershire and rare in the Midlands. The desire to both protect and where possible, enhance the distinctive character of Market Bosworth has been evident throughout all community engagement exercises and events. Comments relate to both physical form and the role of the town as a Key Rural Centre in relation to its immediate environment and wider setting.

The frequency of hedgerow trees together with the woodlands, streamside and canal side vegetation, and tree cover associated with the villages and disused railway lines, all serve to contribute to a generally well-treed effect. There are local concentrations of scattered small woodlands around Market Bosworth and Bosworth Country Park. These woodlands provide many sites of ecological significance, as do the rivers Sence and Mease and their tributaries. Willows are frequently found along the lines of the two rivers and their tributary streams, and willows around field ponds are another characteristic feature of the area.

A number of Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) exist throughout the Market Bosworth parish, however, in order to preserve the essential character of the town at a time when it is thought that it may be at an increasing risk, it has been decided to make an application to apply for a proportionate extension to the current TPO’s.

There are three key locations it is felt required immediate attention, these being:
1. Sutton Lane (The Gated Road)
2. Station Road
3. The allocated site

No one could argue that planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment. This can be achieved by:

• protecting and enhancing valued landscapes
• recognising the intrinsic character and beauty of the countryside, and the wider benefits from natural capital – including the economic and other benefits of trees and woodland.

The TPO application was submitted to Market Bosworth Parish Council for approval in April and was approved unanimously and will now be submitted to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. The TPO application can be viewed at Approved-MB-TPO-application