View Along Shenton Lane

A planning application (ref 20/00345/OUT) has been submitted to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, our Local Planning Authority (LPA), for outline planning for an initial development of an additional 90 houses on Shenton Lane.

Residents may recall being sent a postcard by the developer requesting comments as to the suitability of the site. Just over 50 responses were submitted by residents of Market Bosworth almost all of which were NOT in support of this proposal. All the responses are included as part of the submission, which they have clearly dismissed in their decision to submit this formal application.

The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan is based on extensive consultation with residents and stakeholders and was supported by 89% of respondents in a referendum prior to its adoption. It positively supports development for more housing, whilst being careful not to undermine the character and rural feel of our small town and it designates a site for development of 100+ houses, which is not the site identified in this planning application.

Market Bosworth Parish Council has produced a postcard outlining the background to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and showing how residents may view and comment on this application. It is planned to distribute this to all residents.

Both Market Bosworth Parish Council and Bosworth Vision believe that this application should be declined as; it is outside the settlement boundary, in conflict with the context and most policies in the Neighbourhood Plan and contrary to the essence of the Neighbourhood Plan which embodies the views of the vast majority of our community. There are many other grounds for objection such as narrow and congested access and proximity to the cemetery.

You can view and make comments on the planning application here, putting the reference 20/00345/OUT into the Keywords search field.

The Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed 

The Postcard can be viewed

It would be very helpful if any comments you do submit to the LPA ( via the above link or via email at planning@hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk) are copied to Market Bosworth Parish Council (email: clerk@marketbosworth-pc.gov.uk) or dropped into the post box at the Parish Hall on Park Street.

Note that the deadline for submitting comments is 20th May.