Since the Neighbourhood Plan passed referendum, work on details and fine tuning has continued.  A Design Brief is being prepared for the land to the South of Station Rd/Heath Rd – this area was identified in the Plan as suitable for mixed use development and the Brief will set out guidelines for any future development proposals so that they meet the policies and outlines of the Plan.

Other work in hand includes discussions and proposals for improved parking and traffic flow; meetings held working towards safer pedestrian access beyond the canal bridge; ongoing surveys taking place to identify important tree and hedgerow areas within the Plan area.

This is an ongoing project for some years to come and in order to keep up to date, the Forum (on behalf of the Parish Council) will continue to monitor and record continuing and developing issues relating to the Plan in order that records are available for reference in the future, when the Plan is due for review. News of progress will be posted on this website and via our social media accounts (Twitter & Facebook, please see links below).