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Our Purpose

Bosworth Vision aims to keep and improve what is good about the area and embrace the positive things that development can bring, helping the entire community share in the improved quality of life it offers.

Bosworth Vision is the website of the Bosworth Vision Planning Group, a working-group of Market Bosworth Parish Council.

Neighbourhood Plan Update


Bosworth Vision – where we are now.

Although we now have an adopted Neighbourhood Plan which remains ‘in date’ and valid, new planning regulations were introduced in 2019, a White Paper identifying new government priorities was introduced last year and Hinckley and Bosworth is consulting on a draft of its new Local Plan which will impact on many aspects of our Neighbourhood Plan.

For these reasons we will shortly be embarking on a full review of the Neighbourhood Plan which conforms to the requirements of these emerging national and Borough documents and captures our vision of how Market Bosworth should evolve up to the late 2030s.

Over the last few months, we have had a Housing Needs Assessment carried out by AECOM, a nationally recognised planning consultancy and we have had the current Plan fully screened to ensure that it still conforms to all the latest national and Borough planning policies and documents. As a result, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council has now modified the Plan to ensure that it carries maximum weight in planning decisions for the next two years. See more details in The News item Modification to the Neighbourhood Plan

Bosworth Vision – moving forward.

The  working group is now known as the Bosworth Vision Planning Group and already has a several new members. We welcome many more as we start the task of a full review of our Neighbourhood Plan and ensure we update the Plan to reflect your current aims objectives and aspirations for the next generation. It is important we capture the aspirations of all age groups in our town as we need to ensure we address the needs for future generations.

If you are willing to work with us on this next phase, please contact us by selecting the Volunteering page

Latest Poll


Distant View Of Mb

As we work on developing the major update of our Neighbourhood Plan it is important that we understand the views of the whole community.

To help us ensure that we are representing the views of the community, from time to time we will publish polls here in order to understand your views, so please keep your eyes open for the latest poll being posted here.