The main transport infrastructure is still based on main access routes into and through the town that are centuries old. Narrow roads and streets and many without adequate pedestrian footpaths pose risks to all but especially children and the elderly.

Education and Tourism are the two most significant employers and providers of services within the town. Each however generates traffic and congestion. The schools and pre-school providers employ large numbers of staff a significant number that travel into the town. Many of the children attending the school and pre-school provision do not live within the immediate community and therefore travel by bus, coach or car. At peak times (start and end of school day) traffic congestion and disruption can be significant with local community finding access to local services or egress from the town very difficult.

Tourism provides a more steady traffic flow and parking requirement but nevertheless places a strain on the available parking availability. Reconciling the need to support Education and Tourism which are intrinsic to the essential character of the town yet in turn are the main causes of traffic flow and recognised parking problems is a key issue for the Neighbourhood Forum. Effective solutions and management of this aspect may require creative long term solutions. All ideas welcomed!

The Neighbourhood Forum is also concerned with the need for safe pedestrian (and possibly cyclepaths) to connect Market Bosworth and the Bosworth Water Trust and improve access between the canal, the Water Park and Market Bosworth. This will become imperative if and when the proposed Marina is built.