2016 September

The following Progress Report has been posted on the Parish Council website:

The Neighbourhood Plan identifies various aspirational projects for the parish: a town centre traffic scheme; construction of a safe footpath to the Water Park; preparation of a Design Brief for the proposed development site; adoption of a Local Heritage Asset List; a review of Tree Preservation Orders; a hedgerow review; creation of improved access to the countryside; and improved mobile phone and broadband reception. 

The Parish Council has tirelessly petitioned Highways and the Borough Council for several years for a safer town centre traffic scheme and a safe footway to the Water Park. As a direct result of the petitioning and the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan progress is at last being made. Highways recently held a public consultation on additional double yellow lines for Barton Road, Station Road and Sutton Lane to make the roads safer and enable traffic to flow more smoothly. It is hoped these will be painted soon. Highways have also confirmed progress is being made with regard to constructing a safe footway to the Water Park. More on this will follow in due course.

Meanwhile, the Design Brief has been prepared and is available to view; a draft Local Heritage Asset List has been submitted to the Borough Council for consideration; a Landscape Survey is currently being carried out – volunteers welcome!; and broadband has been extended to many more properties.

Further information on the Landscape Survey can be read here: Getting Involved


2016 August. Design Brief 

Following acceptance of the Neighbourhood Plan, work has continued on preparation of a Design Brief for the land to the rear of Station Rd/Heath Rd – the area identified  for future mixed use development. This Design Brief for Station Field (the working name for the land to the rear of Heath Rd/Station Rd) has now been completed and published.

The purpose of the Design Brief is to guide planners and developers through planning policy and best practice design principles in order to aid the development of proposals that comply with the policies and aspirations of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan. In this way the Design Brief aims to ensure that developers produce designs which reflect the concerns and aspirations of the local community.

The Brief brings together existing considerations and principles and moves forward by looking more closely at issues such as layout, landscaping, parking, footpaths, appearance, sustainability and workmanship.

The Design Brief has been reviewed and approved by Market Bosworth Parish Council and printed copies are available to view at Market Bosworth Parish Council Office and at Market Bosworth Library.

The Design Brief is also available to view and download here: MBNP Station Field Design Brief


2015 September. The Referendum was held on Thursday 3rd September. 88% of those voting said Yes with 11% saying No.

In accordance with the regulations, Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Development Plan is ‘made’ and planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area must be considered against the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Plan, as well as existing planning policy.
The full decision statement can be read here:  Post_referendum_decision_statement_final

2015 July The full  council meeting at Hinckley And Bosworth Borough Council tonight (21st July) approved the Neighbourhood Plan to go to referendum. Full details on the referendum page


2015 February The Publicity stage consultation version  is available now. Click here 

2014 has been a busy year. The first few months the group was busy working with the community and stakeholders as well as external consultants to produce a worthwhile draft Plan ready for consultation.

The draft Plan was consulted on during June and July and statutory consultees as well as residents attended our open days to view the plan and provide feedback or provided feedback on line. August and early September were spent analysing the what turned out to be very positive and supportive feedback in terms of the general plan direction with some valuable feedback to give the final plan clarity. The final job was to address the feedback and amend the plan where required and complete all the associated documents. We are very grateful to Dharmista Patel (Consultancy) and Planning Aid consultant Bob Keith for the help and support at this stage. The final version of the plan was submitted in October and the Publicity stage consultation started on 24th November.


The Forum has been busy throughout August September and October on a number of fronts. These include

  • analysing the results from the questionnaire
  • generating the policies for the draft plan
  • responding to the many applications to build in front of the golf course which the NDP Forum believe is premature given the consultation activities carried out with the community
  • meeting with a number of stakeholder groups. 

The questionnaire results clearly show that our community do NOT favour the site in front of the golf course as the preferred option for new development. In fact 64% identified the South side of Station Road as the preferred option which would allow opportunities for a mixed development of housing and employment opportunities.

Earlier in the year The Forum was busy engaging with residents and stakeholders in the community. In addition a full consultation through a questionnaire is ongoing and a submission made to defer consideration of the planning application to build houses on the North side of Station Road.

August 1st 2013 Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Forum submit the following response to Hinckley and Bosworth Planning Officers regarding their concerns that the planning application on the South side of Station Rd (Golf course side) is premature. The following summary outlines our response:

“It is the considered opinion of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Forum, the group designated to producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), that the planning application by Charles Church to develop a site on the north side of Station Road in Market Bosworth is premature. The Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Forum is considering more than one site allocation and is in the process of engaging with the residents and stakeholders to assess preference. Consideration will be given to criteria such as the potential to provide housing, expansion of employment opportunities and community facilities without a detrimental impact on the character of the neighbourhood, whilst meeting the needs of a sustainable Key Rural Centre through to 2026. ”

The full submission can be viewed here NDP response to Charles Church application

All submissions in respect of this application need to be with Hinckley and Bosworth Planning Dept by 6th August. Individual can respond if they have objections on planning grounds or wish to support the the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Forum and/or Parish Council responses.

July 18th 2013 Approximately 1000 questionnaires delivered to all households with additional copies being available from the Library and Parish Council Office or available to download here Mkt Bosworth – Questionnaire

April and June: Postcard drops delivered to residents summarising past and imminent events and activities.

25th June 2013 was the next public engagement event  to be held in St Peters Hall. Once again extremely well attended with a focus on specific topics identified at the previous two events. The imminent questionnaire to be distributed to every household was flagged up. Much interest was shown in maps showing green spaces, leisure and recreational facilities and potential site allocations for future developments.

14th March 2013 was the Stakeholder event in which local businesses, interest groups, community activity groups and providers of key services were invited to attend a briefing on the ‘Bosworth Vision’. and undertake a an open discussion.

 The meeting took the form of

A. Presentations providing the context and background to the project:

The Borough Council’s Role in the Neighbourhood Development Planning Process – HBBC (Appendix 1)

Overview of Neighbourhood Development Planning, what a plan can and cannot do, along with an outline of the key steps to produce a plan.

The Journey So Far – Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Development Plan Forum Group (Appendix 1)

Background to the project, and outline of steps taken and work completed to date.

The Consultation Process and Aims of Stakeholder Meeting – RCC (Appendix 1)

Overview of the wider consultation programme and key issues to date. Introduction to the Issues and Opportunities workshop task.

B. Group based issues and opportunities workshop session.

Feedback from this event is summarised in the following report Stakeholder Meeting Report 14-3-13

25th January 2013 saw the first public engagement event. This was extremely well attended despite the adverse weather conditions. 94 people completed a form sharing their details a several others attended but did not leave any details. The event provided an opportunity to launch the concept of ‘Bosworth Vision’ and engage residents with their concerns about the town at present and their aspiration for the future of the town. The details of the outcomes from this event are summarised in the following report.  Consultation_Jan2013_analysis