Although the Neighbourhood Plan is now ‘made’ we still welcome help and support from members of the community. All residents and stakeholders play an important role in the day to day life of our community and in development of the Bosworth Vision.

For the past few months the Neighbourhood Forum has been working on the format of a survey to record the hedgerows and trees within the Plan area to identify ancient hedgerows and key tree/hedgerow areas. The full area (see map below, click to enlarge) has been divided into sections and the format for this survey is now ready. We are looking to complete this Landscape Survey as soon as possible and would welcome help from those interested in taking part. No-one is expected to work alone, we anticipate a small group of 2-4 people working together on each area and guidance will be provided. Although we do already have some volunteers for this survey please contact us at if you are interested in taking part.

area map revised

The work of the Neighbourhood Forum is ongoing. If you would like to help by offering your services to support the committee please contact us at