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Bosworth Vision

Bosworth Vision is the ongoing work of the Market Bosworth Neighbourhood Forum, a sub-group of Market Bosworth Parish Council. Bosworth Vision will result in the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Our Purpose

The purpose of neighbourhood planning is to influence the extent of development within the town and wider Parish.

Bosworth Vision aims to keep and improve what is good about the area and embrace the positive things that development can bring, helping the entire community share in the improved quality of life it offers. More detailed information regarding our aims can be found in the clicking the Read More button below.

What's Happening


Essential Documents

Bosworth Vision has produced a Neighbourhood Plan based on extensive community consultation. The Plan provides policies for decision makers, planners and developers on how to deliver our vision of a vibrant, well balanced community that continues to be a great place to live, be educated, work and visit. The Plan maintains Market Bosworth’s historic character as a small town with a regular market, attractive conservation area and a variety of open spaces, which acts as a centre for surrounding farms and villages.

Please use the link below (Documents) to view the adopted Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents.


Bosworth Vision was recommended by an Independent Examiner that it should proceed to referendum subject to minor changes. These changes have been applied and Hinckley and Bosworth Borough full Council approved that the plan referendum be held on September 3rd 2015.

The referendum has taken place and the result showed 88% of those who voted supported the Plan. The Plan has now been made and adopted by Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council Find out more using the button below.

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